Discipline v. Motivation


“The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline” – Not “motivation”.

Like many, I’m a massive fan of motivational speeches, articles and books. Whenever I feel discouraged and lack enthusiasm, motivation stimulates me time and time again. But recently I’ve had to ask myself – why is it that I seem to be in need of motivation time and time again? One moment I’d feel excited, ready and unstoppable, then the next would slip back to hopelessness and unproductivity. This is a reoccurring cycle that I’m sure others can relate to.

Don’t get me wrong, motivation certainly has its purpose – and I intend for these blog posts to be a source of motivation. However, to rely solely on “feeling motivated” allows us to use our lack of motivation as an excuse to procrastinate or abandon our goals. We can read and watch motivational messages to time and time again prompt temporary motivation – but nothing will change if our actions are conditional to whether or not we “feel like it”. Our feelings aren’t constant!

Motivation gets us going and indicates that there’s something we want – this is the first step. I’ve learnt that the more difficult but more important task is putting that to practice and maintaining it, which takes discipline. Discipline is what makes our actions continuous and habitual, regardless of our emotions and feelings.

Developing self-discipline is clearly easier said than done. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a personal challenge. But, to be successful we must face our challenges! The next time you don’t “feel motivated”, stop and think: ‘If I had to choose between what I want most and what I want right now, what would I choose?’.

Useful links to help achieve self-discipline:

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