Vision Is Key!


“If you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it”

I set a blank canvas aside in my room intending to make a photo collage of my best memories, like many of us do – until I was inspired by the question: Rather than frame your past, why not frame your future?

This led me to instead create a vision board…

A vision board, simply put, is a collage of words, pictures and images which represent your future goals and aspirations. I believe that it’s important to surround yourself with and visualize what could be, rather than just what has been or what is. The idea may at first seem childish, or even pointless, but it is a powerful tool used and supported by many successful individuals.

What are you striving for in areas such as your career, spiritual life, education, health, relationships, travel, family and finances..? Many of us subconsciously bring more focus and attention to what we don’t want in life, as opposed to what we do want, but making a vision board forced me to sit and really think about what I hope for my future. A visual representation has helped me to conceptualise the goals I have in several areas of my life.

Keeping images before your eyes of what you’re working towards, who you want to be, where you want to be and what you want to accomplish (short or long term) gives you a clear picture of what is important to you. You therefore feel more compelled to see these things come to pass in your life, serving as a great source of motivation.

Having a vision board encourages me to be more stimulated and positive, as well as providing a sense of accountability – especially on days when I feel unmotivated or discouraged. Furthermore, seeing the vision board every morning as a visual reminder, as well as declaring positive affirmations over my life, helps to build my faith and reduce my self-limiting beliefs. If you’re serious about your future, writing down your goals is very important, but there is power in also putting images to them.

Vision without action is merely a dream, but action without vision is just passing the time. I challenge you to create your own vision board as a tool to help inspire your success!


Useful links to help start your vision board:

-‘How to Create a Vision Board| Jack Canfield’

-‘Make Vision Boards Work for You’

-‘Tony Robbins: The Magic of Visualization (Law of Attraction)’

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